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Welcome to CCAA - Catholicate College Alumni Association

Catholicate College Alumnis can search for their colleagues here.
The Constitution of Catholicate College Alumni Association is as follows.
  1. Name: The name of the Association shall be the "Catholicate College Alumni Association".
  2. Objectives: The objectives of the association are:
    1. To keep the former students and staff of this college in constant touch with theAlma Mater.
    2. To foster mutual contacts and fellowship among the members of the association.
    3. To encourage and promote academic excellence among the students of the college by organizing competitions and institution of awards and scholarships.
    4. To help the college to attain the objectives of higher education preparing the youth to become intellectually mature, socially committed, spiritually inspired and morally upright.
    5. To provide educational assistance to financially backward students.
    6. To help the authority for all-round progress and development of the College.
  3. Membership: The membership of the Association is open to all the former students and staff of the college who pay a life membership fee of Rs. 100/-
  4. Patron: The Patron of the association shall be Local Manager of the College. (Ex Officio)
  5. Executive Committee: The Executive Committee of the association shall be constituted as follows
    1. President - Principal (Ex. Officio)
    2. Vice President - elected by the association from among the members who is not on the staff of this College
    3. Treasurer - College Bursar (Ex. Officio)
    4. Secretary: nominated by the Principal from among the members who is on the staff of the college.
    5. Joint Secretary elected by the association from among the members who is not on the staff of this college.
    6. Five members nominated by the Principal who are on the staff of the college, of which one shall be a lady member.
    7. Five members elected by the Association who are not on the staff of the College.
    8. Five members may be co-opted by the Principal who are the members of the association working outside Kerala /abroad.
    9. The Secretaries of the chapters outside Kerala (Ex-officio)
  6. Term of the Executive Committee shall be a period of three years or till a new Executive Committee is selected.
  7. The Financial Responsibility: The President and Treasurer shall be the joint custodians of the funds of the association. Bank accounts shall be opened and operated jointly by the President and the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall present the accounts in the, executive committee each year and the passed accounts may be informed to the General Assembly of the members.
  8. Executive Committee Meetings: Executive committee shall meet at least twice a year to discuss and make decisions regarding the functioning of the association. The quorum of the Executive Committee shall be one-third of the members.
  9. General Assembly of the Members: The General Assembly of the members shall be held in the college. There shall be no quorum for this meeting. The secretary shall present the annual report in the assembly and the treasurer shall inform the accounts. The secretary shall convene the meeting with the consent of the President.
  10. Chapters: Chapters of the Association may be formed in the Metropolitan cities in India and abroad with the consent of the Executive Committee. A minimum of twenty five members is required for the formation of a chapter. The chapter shall be in constant touch with the Executive Committee for all their important activities in connection with the Association. The chapters may elect a President and Secretary. Secretary shall present the report and accounts in the Executive Committee.
  11. Amendments to the Constitution: The constitution may be amended by three-fourth majority votes of the Executive Committee. The proposed amendment may be informed to the General Assembly of the members.